Concert saves 1911 football season

A public school concert kept the Jackson High School football team and athletics program afloat in 1911.

Interesting, especially considering all the coverage of the 100th meeting of Jackson-Wellston football teams Aug. 30, 2013, and all the talk of the thousands of dollars generated for both schools from the yearly matchup.

I found this tidbit on the editorial page of the 1912 Osky Wow – the inaugural yearbook for JHS.

“At the close of the 1911 football season, the Athletic Association found itself facing a deficit of nearly eighty dollars, with prospects of raising the money very poor. Indeed, it seemed impossible to wipe out the debt until sixty dollars were received from the proceeds of the public school concert that Prof. Dan M. Morgan gave in February. This concert involved a large amount of work on Mr. Morgan’s part without any remuneration whatever beyond the thanks of the students. These we hereby most heartily extend, together with the three big RAH’s that we know everyone in the school would want to give.”

So, a public school concert kept the football team and the athletics program afloat in 1911. Where the other $20.00 came from isn’t mentioned.

According to the Osky Wow, the 1911 JHS football team went 5-2 for the season. Jackson defeated Kingston 46-0 in late September and had two wins over Chillicothe 5-0 in October and then 12-2 in November. Jackson played Ironton three times that season with a 5-0 win in October and a 12-6 win in November. The Jackson team lost to Athens 5-0 in early November and then the final loss was to Ironton on Thanksgiving Day 3-0 with the only score happening in the fourth quarter.

In the final game, Ironton allowed Jackson to play with one ineligible player so that the teams could play. Jackson came into the game with 10 players.

So the final tally of Jackson’s season scoring was 80-16.

And Prof. Dan M. Morgan’s $60.00 public school concert made it all happen.


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