Photographing and digitally recording the information connected to each item inside the Jones Museum is the goal to celebrate and recognize the value of the museum’s 25 years of effort preserving Jackson County’s history.

Detailing the thousands of items related to the history of Jackson County that have been donated to the Jones Museum for study and safekeeping is an ongoing part of the Jones Museum’s activities.

When an item is received by the Jones Museum for donation, the first step is completing a Deed of Gift paper form which records the donor’s name and all the preliminary information available about the item. The item is given an accession number which links the item to the Deed of Gift. Each year, the Deed of Gift forms are scanned to PDF as another layer of safety. Now we are adding one more step, the digital archive project, to make the collections more readily available to the community in the digital age.

Here you will find photographs, accession numbers, and descriptions of the materials found inside the Lillian E. Jones Museum in Jackson, Ohio. For more information, please contact the Jones Museum by email at or by telephone at 740.286.2556. Please do not copy and paste photographs without attribution to the Jones Museum. These items were donated to the Jones Museum for safekeeping and use by all admirers of Jackson County history under the umbrella of the Jones Museum. Please be kind and supportive of the ongoing work of this museum.

In addition to the digital archives is an ongoing audio archive, featuring people speaking about the items which they have donated – connecting a voice to the item. 

View the Jones Museum Archives by clicking here.

Would you like access to past yearbooks from Jackson High School, the Osky Wow? The Jackson City Library has graciously shared this link will give access to the library’s most recently scanned  Osky Wow’s (2016-2019) plus newspaper scans of the Jackson County Times-Journal 2014 through 2016.


The Jones Museum’s regular hours are  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10AM – 3PM.

Admission FREE but voluntary donations are welcome.

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