Give the gift of identified photos

Gee, it’s still November, but more than a few people post on social media just how far they are in their holiday shopping.

Even if you have already planned your gift-giving strategy, think about this comment I heard from a visitor at the Jones Museum.

“Unless you know who is in the picture, it might as well be trash,” she said. “What good is it?”
Wow! Those are harsh words, but true.

Here’s my gift to you, dear reader. Identify photos! You even have my permission to write on old photographs.

Write on the back, even write on the front if you must – but write names and/or dates on old photographs.

Ideally, you would write names with correct spelling. Write the full name (including nickname), the date (day/month/year), and situation pictured.

Set the scene and name the actors!

If you want a really special gift, set the scene, name the actors, and talk about the setting in the presence of others, especially younger generations! That way you can give a memory too!
I admit it is sad to see an awesome photo of happy people in fancy clothes with no idea of the who, when, or why. What can you do with that photo?

Don’t let that sad situation happen to you or your family.

Give the gift of identified photos.


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