Audio recordings added to digital archives

Twenty-five years adds more than a few wrinkles and the Lillian E. Jones Museum is no exception.

Even in the midst of this year of pandemic the Jones Museum has continued to add newness to Jackson County’s home for history, culture and education.

Now the Jones Museum offers a continuously updating of its collections through our digital archives. At this point in the 25th anniversary year, the digital archives include more than 500 of the thousands of items that have been donated since 1995.

The newest wrinkle is an audio component to the archives which adds a voice to further connect life to the items inside the museum. The first 20 recordings can be accessed by calling 740-263-6964 and entering a prompt number when instructed. Prompt numbers are below and more recordings are being added weekly.

5 Roger Donaldson Shelves from original Jackson City library
15 Patty Farley Research for Museum about 100 E Broadway
16 Susie Washam Exhibit about Bill Hankey, her father, and family items
20 Miriam Harley Digitizing Osky Wow collection
21 Alana Billman Women’s social club books
22 Robert Ervin Author of 7 Jackson County history books
29 Kelly Newell Description of Mark Long, her father, and the recording of past coal mines including Cochran mine
30 Dinny Jones Shaw Marshall Jones, her father, photo and involvement in Globe Iron management
38 Brian Howell Living history of Goodyear,Cambridge, and Meridian companies from former worker
39 Donna Lewis Goodyear Spirit award won by her mother Fern Evans
40 John Lewis Former manager talks about Merillat items
49 Megan Malone Overview of Lake Katharine and Camp Arrowhead
51 Stan Arthur Personal reflection of Camp Arrowhead
58 Sam Jenkins Badges and awards from Camp Arrowhead
151 Patty French 1951 wedding gift television
152 Jennifer Yunker Portrait from Christian Church
189 Joe Finch Eisteddfod judging books
190 Laura Thorne Eisteddfod certificate
195 Cora Willett JHS dinner plates
196 Megan Malone Hillcrest swim team sweatshirt, photo,ribbons
201 Charles Harley Valley Grange materials
202 Robert Ervin Valley Grange memorials & memories


The Jones Museum’s regular hours are  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10AM – 3PM.

Admission FREE but voluntary donations are welcome.

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